Ahoy Bowlus Road Chief!


Outdoor Table Top

This smart little table top attaches to your Bowlus Road Chief so you can enjoy a delicious snack or a romantic dinner under your awning or under the stars. It folds away for traveling and its adjustable leg ensure the table level on only surface.  It’s just another idea that makes the Bowlus Road Chief the most advanced luxury travel travel in the world.


South Pass (Wyoming)

South Pass – elevation 7,412 feet and 7,550 feet is the collective term for two mountain passes on the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Wyoming.  South Pass is the lowest point on the Continental Divide between the Central Rocky Mountains and the Southern Rocky Mountains and made available a natural crossing point of the Rockies.

It wasn’t discovered until 1812, when Robert Stuart and six companions from the Pacific Fur Company (also known as the Astor Expedition) and a rival to the Hudson Bay Company happened to cross the Rockies at this point while trying to avoid Indians further north on their return from Oregon. Despite Stuart’s meticulous journal of the trip, which he presented to his boss, John Jacob Astor and President James Madison, and was published in France, the location of the South Pass did not become widely known.  In 1832, Captain Benjamin Bonneville (also a member of the Astor Expedition) and a caravan of 110 men and 20 wagons became the first group to take wagons over the pass.  Wyoming Highway 28 or South Pass Highway roughly follows the Oregon Trail and wagon ruts are still visible at numerous sites within a few miles of the highway. This historic pass became the route for emigrants on the Oregon, California and Mormon trails to the West during the 19th century. South Pass is designated as a U.S. National Historic Landmark.


Fun with numbers….lets start with 2024

Alloy is a material composed of two or more metals. In the Bowlus we use a variety of aluminum alloys, all with differing numbers.

Let’s start with one of our favorite numbers which, of course is 2024. This is the aluminum alloy that we use for the Bowlus Road Chief exterior skin. This alloy has the highest strength which allows the extremely lightweight “skin” of the Bowlus Road Chief. So strong yet so light. We are the only trailer manufacturer to use this alloy of aluminum. Although it is expensive – you’ll find it in use in the aerospace industry – we use it so you’re Road Chief will last for decades and decades and decades. Oh and the shine, it makes a Road Chief a rolling jewel.

6061 is another alloy we use in the Bowlus road chief for its tubular skeleton frame. It too is strong, weldable and provides a very good base.

On the interior we use 5005 which is an alloy of aluminum that takes the anodizing process on sheets of aluminum very well.

We also use lots of 6063 which is often referred to as “architectural aluminum” mostly for trim because its finish and look is very outstanding.

2017 is the alloy of our high strength aerospace rivets.

5052 is used to weld together sheets of aluminum for example for our wheel wells.

While we are picky and proud of our applications of alloys, we don’t expect anyone to memorize all of this. Just suffice to say he Bowlus Road Chief is all aluminum trailer.



Today’s theme is agile. A Bowlus Road Chief is so light it’s very easy to move around. Although that means our smallest team member 5’1″ and 100 plus pounds soaking wet can move the trailer all by herself what it really means it gives you a real sense of freedom to go just where you want.

A few days ago we were exploring the mountains around Los Angles and found ourselves on some very very windy and narrow roads. No problem, if the tow vehicle can make it through so can the Bowlus. It tracks right behind the car and turns very tightly due to the shape of the Bowlus. You can even easily do U turns on a two lane road. It has amazing road clearance and the rear end even swoops up so you do not have to worry about exiting parking lots or gas station.

What this agility means is that you don’t have to worry about where you go. Roam far and wide, narrow windy roads or complicated freeways, the choice is yours. Find the coolest places that no other trailer could possible get to and set up camp. It’s true freedom feels so good. IMG_2799-Edit


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