Pads and Laptops Storage

Reverend Charles Augustus Goodrich (1790 to 1862) was an American author and Congregational minister who popularized the motto “a place for everything and everything in its place”.  When designing the Bowlus Road Chief, this epigram kept us up at nights as we mulled over the perfect place for all those “essential” items we travel with.  We were completely surprised to find we were the first travel trailer to offer charging and storage capacity for critical communication devices like laptops, pads and phones. A simple idea that well essential.





Los Angeles Lifeguards

Established in 1914, and division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the lifeguard operations safeguard 31 miles of beach and 72 miles of coastline from San Pedro in the south Malibu in the north. Its the largest professional lifeguard service in the world, employing 132 year-round lifeguards and over 650 seasonal lifeguards. Aspiring lifeguards are subjected to a 1,000 meter ocean. A swim that depending on conditions takes from 12 to 30 minutes to complete. As a result only top finishers move on to interviews. We’ve been completely impressed when we’ve seen them head out in all kinds of conditions to keep people safe.

The Los Angeles County Lifeguard Service served as the model for the hit television series Baywatch which was created by part-time lifeguard Gregory J. Bonann. Despite being cancelled after one year went on to be one of the most watch television shows in the world, which accounts for just about every European knowing about the LA’s Lifeguards.  Want to know more about the service go to

We’ve been wondering why the LA County Lifeguard huts are baby blue? If you know drop us a line.


Communications To Meet Your Expectations

On top of the Bowlus Road Chief just above the door is a small antenna that gives the Bowlus Road Chief its outstanding communication ability.

Since most of today’s communication uses smartphones and tablets we wished to ensure you have maximum range to pull in signal.  You can’t always pull in a signal that isn’t there (like inside some National Parks) but if there is one we’ve connected this antenna to a very powerful cellular booster that not only extends cellular services in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals but also re-broadcasts it inside the Bowlus aluminum shell. Hidden in an interior wall is a second antenna that connects directly to your smartphone or tablet ensure you can stay connected almost everywhere.

This amplifier reduces problems with signal fades and dropped calls while improving voice quality, service range and access. It works on 3G and 4G networks. Just another reason why the Bowlus Road Chief is the most advanced travel trailer available.


California Dates

California dates have been growing in the desert oasis of the Coachella Valley for more than a century. The high summer temperatures and low humidity with minimal rainfall during the summer and fall allow them to flourish.  The average tree can reach seventy to eighty feet high and only begins to bearing fruit when it is in about seven years old. The tree may go on producing fruit for well over 100 years and some say as much as 200 years in the middle east.

We dropped by and toured the Shields Date Garden and shared a sweet date shake at their Date Café. They have an interesting old-school 15 minute film that screens in an old-school theater called, The Romance and Sex Life of the Date. Thankfully only the title of the film is racy.  You can hear old Mr. Shields tell you all about farming dates which looks like a lot of hard and potentially dangerous physical work, which we’ll be thinking of next time we snack on some dates.  We picked up a variety of dates and headed off for some more date photography in the valley. Check out our Facebook page at  for one of our favorites from the day.  If you’re headed to the Coachella Valley check out Shields Date Garden at or
Pato’s Dream Date Garden at


Design DNA

Like how our own DNA reflects us, Design DNA (DDNA) defines an object’s characteristics. Part of the Design DNA of the Bowlus Road Chief design language is the idea that the Bowlus Road Chief is a byword for authentic, forward-feeling design that holds a promise that is fulfilled the moment you set your eyes on it. Every Bowlus Road Chief is instantly recognizable and therefore should if not really must coveys what the brand stands for: the idea of Limitless Adventures.

Bowlus Road Chief design is forward-looking displaying innovations that raise the experience in the “on the road” luxury travel segment. A variety of design elements like proportions, surfaces and detailing form the unique Design DNA of Bowlus Road Chief and the harmony created between technology and aesthetics is evident. Characteristic proportions created by the fluid teardrop shape communicate a directional aerodynamic look before a wheel has even been turned. The Bowlus Road Chief light-weight signature is reflected with minimal lean surfaces with precise lines that shape the side elevation delivering the feel of motion. Meticulously sculpted surfaces including the crowned tapered surfaces create additional drama and visual speed.The front end of the Bowlus Road Chief sport features that unmistakably identify it as a Bowlus Road Chief. The front entrance door not only is a functional attribute but is integrated to keep with the overall theme. So goes our passionate discussion on the Design DNA of the exterior of the Bowlus Road Chief.

It is with these thoughts in mind that we decided to pursue the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer Design as a registered trademark which we were delighted to receive the Registration Certificate for a few weeks ago. Many thanks go to those who wrote to support our application. Your expertise and love of the Bowlus Road Chief are truly appreciated.

Interestingly, Hawley Bowlus never sought out any trademarks for his work with travel trailers. We often wonder how things would have turn out had he done so.


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