Streamline your life

More is often just that – just more. Are you  like us, looking to live a meaningful life where you’re trying not to be managed by your “stuff” instead you’re spending time on what you’re passionate about? We’ve noticed choosing to lead a life like that feels better when you surround yourselves with authentic materials.  (My, we’re so feeling our Cali roots today:).  So you’ll never find plastics or cheap particle board or glues – just gorgeous real wood, gleaming aluminum, copper screens, handsome fabrics and sumptuous bedding –  all true to the Road Chief.  Feels better doesn’t it? roadcheif

Announcing another first…the Bowlus Road Chief – Limited Edition Lithium+

BentleyBowlusBeachShip-We’re proud to announce today that the first lithium powered travel trailer in the world has been manufactured by the talented team at Bowlus Road Chief. For more information please give us a a call or drop us a line. Oh, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, we are incredibly grateful to Bentley Motors for collaborating with us for Car Week.  The Bentley Bentayga is the world’s most powerful SUV  combining unparalleled luxury with effortless performance and everyday usability –  a perfect pairing for the Bowlus Road Chief – Limited Edition Lithium+.

We’re headed to Pebble Beach today, if you catch us headed north the 101, wave “hi”. We are pretty sure we’ll be the most spectacular twosome on the road.

The Tesla Model X Tow & Range Test

Saturday was beyond fun. Mr. Jack Bowers, whose ownership in Tesla goes back to his Tesla Roadster dropped by with his Tesla Model X (number 6 – we did mention he is a fan) to do a tow and range test with the Bowlus Road Chief.

We had heard “rumors” that the Model X wasn’t really a tow vehicle but that certainly isn’t true for the Road Chief, the world’s most advanced, aerodynamic travel trailer.

Let’s start with that “Ludicrous Mode” , well it’s true it is nothing short of  ludicrous as we hit 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds towing the Bowlus Road Chief. And, Mr. Bowers thought he could best that in a track setting. We were beyond impressed.

And the range. He was thrilled enough to order a Road Chief. See the video testimonial here.

Bowlus Road Chief: The Lightweight Trailer For How We Live Today

Thank you Mark Ewing & Forbes for the fab story that appeared today.

Here is the link:

Enjoying the Grape-cicles

When the temperature drops, pickers bundle up to take clusters of brownish-looking grapes that are hard as marbles from the vines to the winery. They are then press before any melting occurs. The amount of wine that oozes out yields only a drop or two of nectar so it takes about eight pounds to make a half bottle of wine. The same amount of non-grapes can make six regular sized bottles of wine. With repetitive freezing the water content in the grapes freezes into ice crystals and the sugary juice doesn’t freeze. Regulations dictate the level of sugar for the wine to be labeled “icewine”. Although half the Canadian crop of icewine heads to Asia, it’s pure heaven to enjoy a great flight of ice wines with some spectacular cheeses with friends. If you find yourself in the perfectly suited Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario in the month of January you can dedicate a whole month the enjoying the joy of frozen grapes. For more information see or visit the Inniskillin website. They are the people who not only created the international market for Canadian Icewines but have also been world recognized for their products. Order a bottle at Enjoy!

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