Probably one of the best things about owning a Bowlus Road Chief is all the fabulous friends you make. We first meet Marty Snortum and Nevena Christi aka the Boss Lady a few years ago at the Modernism Show in Palm Springs. They ooze with the kind of warmth, intelligence, fun and creativity that makes them the kind of folks you can’t wait to spend time with.

Their combined creative genius was destined through a series of fortuitous events that included Marty trading his hearse for a cowboy boot business and Nevena commissioning six pairs of amazing boots for a Nicole Miller runway show in NYC. Today they reside in one of the most original homes in Texas and they’ve got a “backlot” that would make any vintage trailer fan drool.

Lately, we’ve been dreaming of a couple pair of Bowlus Road Chief custom made Rocketbuster Boots. Check out their website at or even better visit them in El Paso where you can take a tour and get y’all feet measured up for a pair of handmade custom boots just like the long list of Hollywood types, ranchers, CEO’s and eccentrics who’ve visited before you. And take a moment and enjoy Marty’s photography at


Great wave-line dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert to create the world’s largest gypsum dune field. Making the White Sands National Park like no place on earth. Formal recognition for the uniqueness of the white sands of southern New Mexico came on January 18, 1933, when President Herbert Hoover, acting under the authority of the “Antiquities Act of 1906″, proclaimed and established a White Sands National Monument.

The dune field is quite dynamic, with the most active dunes moving to the northeast at a rate of up to 30 feet per year, although there are more stable areas of sand move very little. The pure gypsum (hydrous calcium sulfate) that forms these unusual dunes originates in the western portion of the monument from an ephemeral lake with a very high mineral content. As the water evaporates (theoretically as much as 80″ per year), the minerals are left behind to form gypsum deposits that eventually are wind-transported to form these white sand dunes. Many species of plants and animals have developed to survive in this area of cold winters, hot summers, with very little surface water and highly mineralized ground water.

You can end your day with a sunset stroll with a park ranger (ok maybe not that romantic) but you’ll learn plenty about the geology, plants, and animals of this unique area. Start planning your trip here


The simplicity and sterility of the streamline moderne aesthetic¬† is typically best seen in the streamlined design of planes, trains, and automobiles (and of course the Bowlus Road Chief). With speed seen as the essence of the moderne age, the shape, which was most conducive to speed, was the ovoid or teardrop. The result of streamlining was not only the appearance of speed but also a diversion from the attention of that item’s actual inner workings, which were usually concealed. The renaissance in the streamline moderne era along with an increased desire for American craftsmanship is one living example of how the Bowlus Road Chief is not only an excellent example of American innovative design but also a true example of the streamline moderne movement that design-oriented collectors covet.

We sure wish we were apart of the Dawn to Dusk Club aboard the Pioneer Zephyr that ran from Denver to Chicago for the 1934 Chicago show. What a ride it must of been.¬† Here’s a link to a cool little movie on the trip so take a moment, grab a coffee and enjoy.File:Pioneer Zephyr Dawn to Dusk Club.jpg


Here’s a frame that is being clad in 2024¬† aluminum panels. The frame is manufactured with 6061 aluminum alloy which is both weldable and structural. The H bracket on the left holds the toilet and the blue marking on the aluminum confirm the aluminum panel is aircraft grade 2024 Alclad.


In 1850, old-growth redwood forest covered more than 2,000,000 acres of the California Coast. By the 1920s the work of the Save-the-Redwood League, founded in 1918 was working away to preserve the remaining old-growth redwoods. Their work resulted in the establishment of Prairie Creek, Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Redwood State Park and Humboldt Redwoods State Parks. Find out more about Save-the-Redwood League at You can start planning you trip at A visit to the giants is a walk to remember.

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