Another Road Chief reporting in on their road trip fun…


Often people ask, “do you have anyone one going across the country in a Bowlus Road Chief “.  Of course, the answer is YES – quite a few actually!  But our Road Chiefs do it in their way (because a Road Chief makes it super easy to store just about anywhere)  and we love how “Duke” and his family from Jupiter, Florida is working his way across the country…

Hi Helena, Attached are some photos of Duke from our last adventure in June. We flew to ATL to pick it up and drove it to Pittsburgh, camping, hiking and rafting along the way. The first pic is Duke in front of the Biltmore. The second is in Hungry Mother State Park in VA and the last is in WV in front of an historic insane asylum that we toured!!  So fun.
Next is the end of the month – Christian and I are flying to get Duke sans kids and driving through VT and winterizing him in NH 🙂

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P.S.  The photo is taken at the Trans-Allegany Lunatic Asylum – check out their night tours @

Another Road Chief trip report….


Hello Helena, Geneva, & John –

We wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful summer of excursions we had in Blue Highways. After nearly 5 weeks and 5,200 miles on the road with our new Road Chief we have been to see family and friends; we got back to places we’ve not been since childhood; and, spent time in new places we can’t wait to get back to next spring.

For 2 people who swore they’d never buy a camper, we had a blast traveling the U.S. in Blue and can’t wait for more. We have been Bowlus Ambassadors everywhere we’ve gone – Nevada, Utah, Colorado, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, & New Mexico so far. We have our Bowlus story down to about 2 minutes and have been the recipients of more “thumbs up” on the road than we can count. At campgrounds before we’re out of the car the spectators circle at the ready with their questions of, “Is that an Airstream?” Many more that we imagined actually know the Bowlus and simply ask, “Is it an old refurb or a new one?” So far we have found only those who love it. As do we. After we got home from N. Mexico last week, the trailer was parked outside our home and 3 older people in the 70s were marveling at it. When we went out they told us that one of their brothers had an original one that he’d refurbished a year ago and was loving. They really loved our, too.

So, as fall and then winter descend on Colorado we are happy to report Blue is tucked away in her indoor storage unit all plugged into a newly installed power outlet. And we’ll be spending the next months making our plans for next April when the snow clears from the mountain passes and we’re once again on the road.

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“Blue Highways”

Zero Emission Camping….


Today from our Showroom in Henderson, NV went the first Bowlus Road Chief Limited Edition Lithium+ pulled by yes, you guessed it, a Tesla Model X.  With a range of 175 miles between charges our new owners are looking forward to influencing  the future of zero emission camping.  Cool right?

Another first trip report….


We’re always appreciative to receive trip reports from our owners. It’s a beautiful way for us to share in their adventures.  With more and more Road Chiefs (we’ll be over a couple dozen by year end) hitting the road these emails mean so much to us as we continue to build the most advanced travel trailer in the world. We’ll try to publish a few more in the next while.

Hi Helena, We made it home last night. Just wanted to touch base and thank you and John for spending so much time with us. That trailer sure generates lots of attention. We had such a fun time last Wednesday night with the Harvest Host member Bodega Victoriana Winery in Glennwood, IA. We helped bottle about 44 cases of wine. We drank wine with them and stayed for dinner and they sent us home with several bottles of wine. Very cool. Today we sent them a box of Wisconsin cheese. We can see where this will be very fun. Before that we stayed at a golf course with RV Golf in Utah and woke up to roosters crowing and about 6 mule deer on the golf course when I took Quincy out for her morning walk.

Anyway…just wanted to say thank you, it was a pleasure, things went well on the way home and this weekend we will spend getting it set up for future use. Already have plans for next weekend.


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‘Tis The Season

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