This “accolade winning” cassette toilet is so easy to use. All you need to do when the time comes to empty the cassette is open the exterior hatch pull out the sealed tank and pour it into any toilet. We know we don’t have to remind you about the special filters we’ve installed to keep things smelling fresh as a daisy. So to sum up no more hiding dirty hoses (known as stinky slinkies in the industry) and no searching for special RV dump stations.

Here’s A Neat Idea….

We’ve having a wonderful time at the RVIA California Show in Pomona. Meeting in person folks who have reserved a Bowlus Road Chief has been an absolute treat! We are also loving meeting new friends who are now Road Chief fans. Really this week couldn’t be more fun so when we meet Jim Vernes we just had to share what he’s up to.

We’re often “pitched” lots of ideas and as you can imagine we get all excited when we find a great one. We’ll today we were introduced to RV Golf Club and we wish them plenty of success. A few of us at BRC love nothing better than a round of golf and we can’t think of anything better than RV Golf Club. For just $49 annually you can stay free at nearly 350 (and growing) golf courses here and in Canada for free. Cool right? And there are all sorts of amenities and discounts on a round. So instead of a late night at a rest stop or Walmart, now you can spend the night at a Golf Course. Hmm.. can’t wait for someone to call for a special golf edition Bowlus Road Chief. You can find a link to Golf RVClub at Let us know what you’re favorite course is and maybe we can all meet up for dinner or a round.

The Road Chief Jockey Wheel

The lowly jockey wheel never rated a first look let alone even a second glance when anyone cruised down the highway towing their favorite toy.  However, that will all change when you notice all the rubberneckers  acknowledging the “beauty of a jockey wheel” on your new Bowlus Road Chief.

Yes, its true, our design team at Bowlus Road Chief are plain giddy  about the AL-KO jockey wheel we ship in from Europe. Its got a range of innovate features that makes your life a breeze whether you’re  looking to tuck into a perfect spot by the lake or in a corner of your garage.

It’s smooth suspension handling means its skips over uneven concrete, gravel or ground cover.  A scale shows the hitch weight so no more guessing like some midway carny  and leveling your Road Chief is a snap (actually just a couple turns). The sturdy wheel swings up and easily stores securely. Designed and manufactured in Germany it is exactly what you expect – precision and strength with non-nonsense styling that makes it a perfect fit with the iconic Road Chief.

Its performance makes even our lightest featherweights at Bowlus Road Chief (sorry we don’t release personal weights) believe we’re going to the gym more than we think as we single handily move a Road Chief in and around the shop. Oh, and its Road Chief red handle is a perfect match too. There is a special confidence (not to mention lack of stress) when  you know you can move around your Bowlus Road Chief all by yourself.

Springing into Autumn.

Seems we couldn’t agree more with Truman Capote when he wrote, “Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns the season of beginnings, spring”. So with that thought in mind, we need first  to completely apologize as the Road Chief blog just plain ran away from us this summer.    We’re feeling that this autumn will be our new beginnings at the blog.

We’ve got loads of fabulous news that we are can’t wait to share. Everything from updates on the Road Chief that makes even the featherweights among us pull it with just one finger (ok a few muscles are also involved) to some exciting details on the events we will be holding across the country so everyone will have a chance to see the latest production Bowlus Road Chief.

So let us get cracking but before we start we want to send a big thank you everyone for the emails, calls and reservations.  They’ve been pure honey to the Bowlus Road Chief busy bees motivating us to make the world’s most aerodynamic, most lightweight, most luxurious travel trailer even better.

Oh the mileage with a Road Chief

We’ve been on the road now for a few days and with the mileage we’re getting no wonder it’s called a Road Chief. We’ve been averaging 22 miles a gallon at a snappy 70 miles an hour. With the top down we’ve been enjoying spectacular weather and so far with over 1600 miles logged we’re feeling rested, enjoying every minute on the road,  maybe even a too much since we’ve developed stunning lobster red sunburns on the driver’s side arms, oh well, maybe just the perfect discomfort to remind us we’re loving our time on the road.

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