What options or customizations are available?

With the Bowlus Road Chief – Open Road Edition – you can choose from a half a dozen outstanding curated interiors or for an additional charge from hundreds of specially curated themes to ensure your Road Chief reflects your personal style. Every Bowlus Road Chief is delivered with a polished, mirror-shine exterior skin. The interior is a combination of stunning wood and aluminum with stainless steel counter tops. Luxury bedding and a fully heated floor finish off your interior experience. Outdoors, a Sunbrella awning moves easily side to side. The Bowlus Road Chief – Open Road Edition – is priced $137,000. and comes with twin bedding, you can also add the king bedding package for $3,000.

What are the most outstanding features of the Bowlus Road Chief?

  • Flooring is fully heated.
  • All countertops are stainless steel.
  • A cellular amplifier along with a mini booster makes connecting a cinch.
  • Thanks to the low overall height just shy of eight feet and the removable tongue (not as painful as it sounds) the Road Chief can be parked virtually anywhere.
  • The walls are insulated with polystyrene – just right to keep cool in the summer and warm when the temperature dips.
  • The interior height is a very comfortable 6’4”.
  • The showerhead can be passed through the emergency exit to allow for outdoor showering or rinsing of guests, dogs or sports gear.
  • The battery is high-quality, maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) with over 200 amp/hr unit, which is durable and safer than standard batteries.
  • The interior wood panels are hand-fitted, then removed and finished on all surfaces and hand-fitted again. All extra time to ensure any unwanted moisture stays at bay.
  • The state-of-the-art seating fabric offers a beautiful, super-soft, luxurious washable surface that feels better than leather and is spill, stain, and pet resistant.
  • The Sunbrella awning is 10 feet wide and sets up on either side.
  • Energy-sipping LED lights are used throughout, extending battery life.
  • Natural light is maximized wherever possible, through windows and translucent skylights (you’ll find two mid-cabin), so there’s little need to turn on lighting during the day.
  • Every owner can name their Bowlus Road Chief on the fender skirt.

I love it! How Can I get my own?

Reserve and we will be in touch with the next steps.

Where can I see a Bowlus Road Chief in person?

Shoot us an email or give us a call at 855-926-9587, we’d be delighted to set up a personal appointment for you in Henderson, Nevada.

A reservation along with a reservation payment is a requirement for all visits to the factory in Oxnard, CA.

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How can I keep up to date with the Bowlus Road Chief?

We make every attempt to be one of those social media savvy companies (although to be honest, it is a little exhausting). You can stay in touch through our Twitter feed @bowlusroadchief, or become a friend on Facebook, or keep up with us on Instagram, or Pinterest. For more of a personal touch email us or sign up for the newsletter for easy but not too frequent updates.

Where are Road Chief’s manufactured?

Production is rolling along (and out) of the Road Chief facility in Ventura County, California. When your Road Chief is in production we are delighted to shoot you a few photographs that you can share with friends and family.

What kind of car or truck do I need to tow a new Bowlus Road Chief?

The tongue weight of the Road Chief is approximately 170 pounds, and the trailer itself has a maximum rated weight of 3,000 pounds. Many cars, small SUVs, light trucks, and crossover vehicles are rated to tow that amount of weight. Check your manufacturer’s specifications to know what you can tow. Due to the superior aerodynamic efficiency of the Road Chief, it can be towed with lower-horsepower vehicles than most other travel trailers.

Do I need a special hitch?

Your tow vehicle should have a Class II or higher hitch receiver installed with a 2-inch hitch ball. No weight distribution system is required for a Bowlus Road Chief (they’re those more complicated hitches you see on “other” travel trailers).

Does it have brakes?

Yes, it has electric brakes, which are controlled from the tow vehicle with a brake controller. You’ll have an opportunity to add a brake controller with your Road Chief so it can transfer between vehicles.

What’s the best way to use my Road Chief?

Agreed, there is no “best” way since the Road Chief really just goes where you do. Hands down our favorite way is to hit the road with some exciting destination in mind only to be pleasantly surprised when the unexpected pushes our best-laid plans out of the way. It’s happened countless times when we found ourselves absolutely tickled that the Road Chief has gotten us introduced to some fabulous folks and crazy good times.

But honestly, we’re just as thrilled when the Road Chief does double duty filing in a on a wide range of needs including being a jewel of a pool cabana, a VIP suite for visiting friends and family, a man cave, a quiet office, a convenient storage spot, an evacuation vehicle, a gluten-free dining experience and a great refuge to pause and clean up after a training day. The possibilities are endless and the friendships you make with your Road Chief will be some of the most rewarding ones ever. That may sounds like we’re gushing a little too much, but it’s just the truth.

What does dry weight and load capacity mean?

Dry weight is the actual weight of the travel trailer containing standard equipment without cargo like bikes, paddleboards etc. and fluids. Load capacity is the maximum weight of cargo of “stuff” you can put in the trailer.

Is the Road Chief sold by dealers?

Like everything we do we consciously thought about your buying experience. We like to think of the Bowlus Henderson location more like an installation space instead of a shop or showroom.  We wanted to create a space that would allow the elements of Bowlus craft and creativity to come the forefront. We are open by appointment so feel free to arrange a visit so you can experience a Road Chief in person.

Where can I get service for my Road Chief?

Service is available at the factory or at any major travel trailer service center. We prefer you email us or reach us by phone from 8 AM to 3 PM PST – 7 days a week so we’ll ensure you’ll be efficiently assisted.

How long is the warranty?

You’ll find most in the industry offer a warranty of just one year. We just don’t think that’s reasonable for busy people so we’ll repair or replace any defects in workmanship (there are limits to component elements as they may be covered by their manufacturers) for a period of 24 months from the date the trailer is delivered to you, the original purchaser, assuming you’ve used it responsibly. A more detailed warranty is available for your review after a reservation is placed – just ask for it.

Why do you make such a fuss about lightness and aerodynamics?

We’ve made a serious commitment to our environment. Lightweight and efficient aerodynamics mean better gas mileage, which is good for your wallet but even better for the environment. We’ve proven you don’t have to “give up anything” to be serious about the environment.

How hard is it to pull?

Easy. You don’t need special expansion mirrors or a weight distribution hitch. The back is angled up so no worrying less about curbs or uneven pavement. You’ll find city driving just as easy as pulling it down the highway as it tracks nicely behind your car with superb accuracy. We’ve had folks describe the towing experience as feeling they are pulling a small utility or boat trailer. You can even pull up to the drive-through window when you’re keen for your latte.

A good night’s sleep? You bet!

We’ve also spent a ton of time thinking about how we love to sleep. A good night’s sleep starts with the Road Chief’s unique door system because a non-disturbed sleep is important. Our signature “twins” that transform into almost a “king” allow for optimum flexibility on how you might like to sleep. Sometimes twins make more sense, sometimes a big bed does – we don’t judge – we just want you to have the best night sleep you’ve ever had. Oh and you’ll be indulged with great sheets. We use to think thread count was where it was at, but after “testing” countess sets of sheets (yes, it was a great gig), we now believe that, just like with the Road Chief itself, it all starts in the raw materials. So we’ve searched high and low for what we think is just right for a dreamy night under the stars.

How hard is it to hitch up?

The answer is its a piece of cake. Since you’ve never hitched a Bowlus Road Chief, here are the simple instructions that take just a few minutes. First, back into position so the ball is more or less under the hitch, which is a snap in any vehicle equipped with a back-up camera. Then move the Road Chief as necessary to align the ball under the connector. You can easily move the trailer side to side or forward or backwards with the jockey wheel (much like a boat trailer). Then lower the hitch coupler onto the ball and snap the lock on, connect the two safety cables and seven way plug in the connector for the brakes and lights (it also recharges the batteries). Test to make sure everything is working. Then double-check the lights and breaks along with ensuring the Road Chief’s windows, vents and door are locked. Really, it’s just that simple. When you take delivery you’ll get a hefty owner’s manual that outlines this and anything else you need to know to maintain your Road Chief.

Who is on the Bowlus Road Chief team? And are you hiring?

Bowlus Road Chief LLC located in Oxnard, CA is always on the look out for talented people who share the Bowlus Road Chief passion. If you’re interested in working side-by-side with a close-knit cadre to create the outstanding Bowlus Road Chief, please email us your resume.

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