The price of a 2015/16 Bowlus Road Chief curated in Bristol Bay Blue, Kobuk Valley Saddle Brown and Red Rock Mineral Red with white hotel style linens is $110,000. You may prefer to commission a fully personalized Bowlus Road Chief curated with a wide selection of seating, linens and flooring finishes. This $130,000 Road Chief also sports a stunning large screened porch door and an additional roomy kitchen drawer. 

To secure your Bowlus Road Chief, please fill out our online Road Chief Reservation form below. We’ll be promptly in touch to discuss your wishes. A $5,000 deposit and signed purchase agreement secures a specific delivery window of your Bowlus Road Chief. When production of your Bowlus Road Chief nears, we’ll be back in touch to confirm your selections, deposits due and specific delivery week.

Our Bowlus Silver State showroom in Henderson, Nevada is where you’ll pickup your personalized Road Chief. You can always arrange delivery from Henderson to anywhere in the USA & Canada at an additional charge. If you are interested in financing your Road Chief please let us know.

We look forward to handcrafting your Bowlus Road Chief. 

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