Zero Emission Camping
World’s Most Advanced Travel Trailer
Be Closer to What You Love
million acres
Of public lands for you to explore
Room for all of your favorite activities
Of adventures, anywhere & anytime

Make Meaningful Adventures

The Bowlus Road Chief® is your perfect guide to really getting to know this big, beautiful country of ours. With so much to explore, start today to create a lifetime of amazing and rewarding adventures with your Road Chief®.

Designed For Adventures

The Bowlus Road Chief® is as simple as it is clever and ready for anything you can imagine. Maybe it’s a weekend warrior road trip to the blazing desert or early mornings surfing with your daughter. Maybe it’s a nostalgia-tinted holiday with your grandkids, revisiting your favorite childhood haunts so they know where you “came from.” We know adventures like these influence us; they nurture our souls and can even transform us. We love when our owners tell us that their Bowlus Road Chief® is shaping a lifetime of amazing, beautiful, fascinating and awe-energizing experiences.

Timeless Simplicity

A Bowlus Road Chief® is your home away from home. Its timeless grace and never compromising design allow modern comfort to meet utility so you can be open to all you can be. A Road Chief® is so much more than “smart” – it is deeply thoughtful. Beautifully designed for work and play, it’s filled with useful features like heated floors and charging stations for tablets and laptops that improve the quality of your life. Every Bowlus Road Chief® is crafted with the highest quality materials and the greatest attention to detail. Since Hawley Bowlus created the first riveted aluminum travel trailer in 1934, the Bowlus Road Chief® has withstood both time and trends as the most revered RV in the world.

Designed With You In Mind

At Bowlus Road Chief®, we believe that time away should be always be time well spent. You can hit up every Harvest Host, RV Golf, HipCamp, National Forest, National Park, State Park, Free Land, or Campendium recommendation or snuggle into the heavenly king bed and read Good Night Moon in the driveway. And the Bowlus Road Chief is truly a four season RV; it can take you anywhere, anytime. Are your trips all about the boards and bikes, snowshoes and skis, or fly fishing and photography? No problem – with ample storage space, the Bowlus Road Chief® makes every adventure better.

Don’t miss your most meaningful moments, start your Road Chief® adventures today!

2,500 LBS GVWR Towable by virtually any crossover or SUV
Camp & adventure anywhere with your Road Chief®
To hitch (or unhitch) your Road Chief®

The Most Agile

Built from the frame out, the Bowlus Road Chief® is an ultra-lightweight travel trailer with an incredibly low body and hitch weight, allowing it to be towed by virtually any vehicle. The Bowlus Road Chief® also offers easy maneuverability, even in challenging driving or camping situations. Focus on your adventures – the Bowlus Road Chief’s® agility has your back.

Not sure if your vehicle can tow a Road Chief? Let us know and our Adventure Guides are happy to look into it for you.

Easy Towing

The Road Chief’s ® shape and size deliver unparalleled towing ease. The Road Chief’s® ultra low weight and low center of gravity mean better stability so you can traverse mountain roads, tackle gusty winds, pass transport trailers, merge onto highways, and handle emergency maneuvers with ease. The Bowlus Road Chief’s® authentic aerodynamic shape delivers superb handling in crosswinds (something a van or RV just can’t do) and, in turn, reduces driver fatigue.

A Road Chief® can be towed with virtually any vehicle. You can reach almost any location your automobile can, be it a secluded beach or the perfect hideout between your favorite evergreens. And with the upward slope of the Road Chief’s tail, you can traverse uneven roads with ease. At just shy of 80 inches wide, you have excellent visibility, so there is no need for extension mirrors. Our heavy-duty axle, teamed with high quality tires, is something rarely seen in the RV industry, but then again, the Road Chief® is a rare breed – designed with safety, comfort, joy, and agility in mind.

Wonderful adventures often require some long distance driving, which you should prioritize for comfort. You can enjoy the flexibility, handling, and mileage of a crossover, SUV, convertible, or Tesla X, as these choice of vehicle all pair well with the Bowlus Road Chief®. Of course, the Road Chief® is aerodynamic and ultra light, but it delivers other advantages as well. With the Road Chief®, you effectively add up to 50 extra horsepower to your tow vehicle. That’s because the Road Chief® is, on average, 3,000 lbs. lighter than a comparable length travel trailer or RV. This power translates into fast acceleration, making merging and changing lanes stress free. And every Bowlus Road Chief® is delivered with a twinned remote brake control so you can easily switch between tow vehicles.

Camp Anywhere

The Road Chief® requires just two parallel spots for parking, so you’re free to make a quick stop for lunch, take a dreamy nap, or pick up some fresh produce on the way to your campsite. With a tongue weight of just 170 pounds and a steerable jockey wheel, a small adult alone can hitch or unhitch in less than a couple of minutes – it’s that easy. With the Bowlus Road Chief, you have more camping options and the freedom to drop your travel trailer quickly and then head out for dinner. Ease of handling also means you can quickly reposition your Road Chief® in or out of the sun, or to a more private angle.

If you’re like us, you’re filled with wanderlust, so camp where you want. Don’t ever let an RV make decisions for you; instead, choose the Road Chief®. It gives you the power to go where you want, when you want. We love how the Road Chief is ready to handle any location, and we know you’ll enjoy every dream adventure in your Road Chief®, too.

Do you want to know if your vehicle can tow a Road Chief? Let us know and we will be in touch.

Days Off Grid
The most technologically advanced travel trailer
Top of the line marine-grade finishes are long lasting
Hawley Bowlus created the first riveted aluminum trailer

The Best In Quality & Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship brings truly amazing designs to life. At Bowlus Road Chief ®, we believe brilliant design empowers you to adventure on your terms. Let the aerodynamic lines, paired with innovative technology, captivate your senses and ignite your mind and spirit.

Do you want to know why Airstream owners upgraded to a Bowlus Road Chief? Let us know and we will send you a guide.

What Good Design Looks Like

The Road Chief ® offers an exquisite combination of classic lines, iconic details, incredible craftsmanship, agile handling, and advanced technology. Designed with extraordinary features, inside and out, its crowning achievement is an intelligent floor plan that will make you never want to return home! Our design doesn’t stop at the floor plan – the Road Chief® is also the most technologically advanced travel trailer in the world.

Extreme Quality

The first Bowlus Road Chief® hit the market almost eighty-five years ago; they were so well built, and of such high quality, that half of them are still around. In fact, a handful of years ago, an original Road Chief® went for $187,000 at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale. You can experience a 1935 model at our Silver State Showroom in Henderson, NV. Formed by this legacy, we make every decision with quality in mind. We seek out high-quality parts, often from the yacht world, because they’re superior and long-lasting. We heavily field test each component so we can ensure they operate as intended, and we make long-term decisions to protect your investment and the environment. Our responsibility to protect the Road Chief® legacy means we deliver long-term value to you.

Superb Craftsmanship

We truly craft each Bowlus Road Chief® with precision that is more aircraft construction than RV. Why? The more precise our work, the more it will hold up to the wear and tear of tens of thousands of miles, all the elements Mother Nature conjures, and whatever else may intentionally, or not so intentionally, get thrown at it. Our production and quality control processes ensure what we deliver a superbly crafted Road Chief® to your door – created just as you witnessed at our factory or showroom and produced by a highly skilled team, proudly dedicated to you and your Road Chief®.

Powered Bowlus Advanced-Tech System
Connects online & monitors remotely
To Recharge the Bowlus Advanced-Tech System

The Best In Off-Grid Performance

It’s a big claim to make, and one we stand tall behind: The Bowlus Advanced-Tech System delivers a level of power and connectivity that makes the Road Chief® the most technologically advanced, yet user friendly, travel trailer in the world. Thoughtful tech solutions are supported with significant power, enabling you to connect with better reliability. Battery and other power options mean you’ll never risk running out of juice when you need it most.

Want the exceptional experience of owning a Road Chief® at a lower upfront cost? Let us know and we will send you financing information.

Lithium Reigns

Every Road Chief® in 2019 contains lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) power. In 2016, Bowlus Road Chief® was the first travel trailer manufacturer to develop a solution for energy demands with this technology.

Bowlus Road Chief® lithium iron phosphate batteries are manufactured under European specifications and feature integrated cell balancing and cell monitoring for optimum protection. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are noted for a much wider range capacity than traditional lead acid batteries for both “usable capacity” and “cycle life.” A lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is, on average, about a third of the weight of a traditional battery with a safety discharge range to 20% of the battery capacity. Traditional lead acid batteries can only drop to 50% before damage occurs. A lithium iron phosphate battery can last more than 3,000 charge cycles (8 to 10 years of heavy camping use) versus traditional batteries, which last between 2 to 5 years, depending on care. Traditional batteries will self-discharge over time and require a trickle charge to stay healthy during storage whereas LiFePO4 batteries can sit (for months) without losing their charge. However, the Bowlus Advanced-Tech System is much more than a battery.

The Best In Monitoring and Management

The Bowlus Advanced-Tech System incorporates complete battery management at the cell level with automatic disconnect in case of under voltage, over voltage, or high temperature. Much like electric vehicles, the Bowlus Advanced-Tech System can dynamically adjust battery charging to protect the lithium iron phosphate battery. If needed, the system automatically disconnects charging from the tow vehicle and solar panel charging circuits. Traditional batteries and aftermarket lithium batteries do not have this type or level of protection.

It’s easy to track power usage, too. The system can (depending on your Edition) be monitored from your tablet, phone, or computer by graphically displaying the power flow throughout the system, including the state of charge.

The Bowlus Advanced-Tech System 2000W inverter easily charges your devices or runs a laptop or a CPAP machine while off grid. The inverter is also pure sine wave, which means that all electrical appliances work just like plugging in at home.

Want the exceptional experience of owning a Road Chief at a lower upfront cost? Let us know and we will send you financing information.

Fastest Charging

Overall, the usable power can range up to 7 days off grid (depending on the Edition), dramatically longer than any other RV. Charging the lithium batteries from 20% to 80% takes just a few hours, and the Bowlus Advanced-Tech System intelligently manages itself. (Traditional battery systems require owners to stay “on top” of their power usage.) Our attention to detail provides you with more free time to explore.

Harnessing More Available Rays

The Bowlus Advanced-Tech System provides plenty of power. You can augment your power supply naturally, with the clever 120-watt optional solar panel to provide more charging versatility. The solar panel stashes away neatly in the wardrobe closet, too. With details like these, you many never return from your adventure!

With some Road Chief® Editions, adventurers can utilize all the electric outlets, the microwave, the air conditioner, or even an emergency charge to your electric vehicle off-grid. What’s more, the 4G cellular amplifier provides two more bars for connectivity, and a mobile router with an embedded 3G/4G modem and GPS allows you to create your own private Wi-Fi network from either a cellular or an external Wi-Fi network.

Ultimate Comfort

Nature beckons, but “roughing it” is not in our vernacular. With the Bowlus Road Chief®, you can escape in style and comfort to mountains, lakes, deserts, and more. The essence of home is embodied in the cozy nooks and modern touches of every Road Chief®. So go ahead and immersed in nature, but be thankful there’s no need to give up your creature comforts. When you own a Bowlus Road Chief®, home comes with you wherever you go!

The incredible heating system ensures your maximum comfort. Utilizing thoughtful technology that cleverly combines both a hot water and a central heating system, heat is evenly distributed in a blissfully quiet, natural way via radiators. Additionally, Road Chief’s® cozy floors are heated, too. This system operates whether you’re plugged in or not, and the intelligent thermostat offers multiple programming options to ensure you have heat when and where you want it.

Monitoring all your systems is easy. Centrally located control panels make it a snap to adjust the heater and inverter/charger or check levels in the propane, fresh, and grey water tanks.

Charging Options

The Road Chief® provides the most flexible and efficient charging options of any travel trailer or RV on the market today. Charging your Road Chief from your tow vehicle while you are en route to your destination is the easiest charging strategy. By using the power of your vehicle on an all-day trip, you charge while you drive. Additionally, your solar panel can charge your Road Chief®. Field testing shows that the solar panels can generate up to 85 AH per day, allowing you ample energy, for instance, to use the lights, refrigerator/freezer, and cellular amplifier. A 2000W generator can also be added to your Road Chief® to provide energy. This compact powerhouse can run all the Road Chief’s® energy demands, such as the air conditioner, so you can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are.

If you plan on visiting friends or family and need to recharge, a 15A (120V) circuit is all you need to power up. You’ll prove yourself to be the best type of guest: you bring your own housing, and you only need to use a standard 15A (120V) outlet to recharge and run everything, including your air conditioning – voilà!

With the ease and value of available charging options, Road Chief® owners save themselves hours of time, allowing them the comfort of knowing they can focus on what really matters – spending time with loved ones and seeing this amazing country of ours.

Four Season Adventures

In addition, the Road Chief® can function as a four-season travel trailer since all tanks are within the shell. A special circuit allows power to flow in the trailer in sub-zero temperatures, but it does not allow the batteries to be charged until they warm up since LiFePO4 batteries should not be charged at low temperatures. Since the batteries are located within the Bowlus Road Chief® shell, this warm up simply occurs by warming the inside of the Road Chief® using the heating system set on propane or 120V.

Average MPG when towing your Road Chief®
Aerodynamic shape delivers safety & range
Mile Range
The longest towing range with a Tesla X

Amazing Range

The Bowlus Road Chief® is the perfect companion to any tow vehicle. Whether you drive a pick up, SUV, crossover, sedan, or Tesla X, the Bowlus Road Chief® offers the most incredible range of any comparable length travel trailer/RV. This saves you money, gets you to your destination sooner, and reduces your impact on the environment.

Are you interested in knowing more about towing with a Tesla X? Let us know and we will follow up with more information.

How Aerodynamics Impacts Range

The combination of the Bowlus Road Chief’s® superb aerodynamic design and incredible low weight makes it the perfect tow partner. Pick ups, SUVs, crossovers, and sedan owners report a loss of only 3-5 miles per gallon when towing their Road Chief®. This translates into better mileage, fewer stops, and more money in your pocket because you save on gas at the pumps.

Towing With A Tesla X

The Bowlus Road Chief® aerodynamics are well-suited to the Tesla X, with owners (depending on the model they own) reporting upwards of 175 to 200 miles per charge. While driving an electric vehicle, you are more aware of how speed, terrain, wind, temperature, and elevation gains impact your range.

Also consider parking and agility when towing with a Tesla X. Not all charging stations are created equal, so you probably will have to drop your Road Chief® in an adjacent parking spot while charging your Tesla X. This means you need a travel trailer that takes as little time as possible to hitch and unhitch with the agility and size/width to fit into a standard parking spot.

Are you interested in knowing more about towing with a Tesla X? Let us know and we will follow up with more information.

Aircraft-grade rivets are bucked by hand
2024-T3 aluminum polishes to perfection
Of outstanding carrying capacity

Timeless Simplicity

Inspired by timeless American style, the Bowlus Road Chief® is expertly crafted from honest materials for a lifetime of adventures. From the polished aircraft-grade aluminum shell, accented with lines of gleaming tactile rivets, to our intelligent front door, and on to our stunning elliptical windows with brass screens, the Bowlus Road Chief® is truly your mobile retreat.

Are you interested in learning more about all-season camping in the world’s only true four-season trailer? Let us know and we’ll send you an exclusive guide.

How It’s Made

On the outside, five thousand aircraft rivets hold the 2024 T3 polished aluminum skin onto the incredibly all-aluminum frame. The Road Chief’s® full monocoque design makes it the most aerodynamic and lightest full-featured travel trailer, ready for any kind of road. Our engineering and construction methods mean the Bowlus Road Chief® doesn’t have an Achilles heel that leads to mold and rot. Aluminum panels wrap completely around the Road Chief® , so there are no entry points for vermin and road dust. Your Road Chief® gains more character with every adventure – it’s your choice to hand down the badges of your adventures of patina and wear, or to re-polish it to perfection. The aircraft-grade aluminum exterior means it can be re-polished again and again, unlike other aluminum travel trailers made of a lesser grade aluminum.

With a super-generous carrying capacity, you’ll have no trouble bringing along everything you need on your Road Chief® journeys. An independent suspended torsion axle keeps the trailer sure-footed for a smooth ride. And with a generous ground clearance and an eleven-degree departure angle at the rear, your loaded Road Chief® is ready for any adventure.

Signature Features

The Road Chief’s® signature front door is just one of our secrets to better aerodynamics. The roomy entry way sports a large landing, double locks, and a large screen door, which allows for superb ventilation. Boards and bikes enter easily through the front door and are secured by an internal lashing system.

The large 12′ x 10′ awning attaches to either side of your Road Chief® and is manually operated, so it is faster to disassemble in surprise weather conditions, like heavy rain or torrential winds.

The practical and handsome outdoor café table attaches to your Road Chief® and creates a perfect lunch spot. It also serves as the support to the forth twin bed and stores in an interior closet.

The propane tank is fully enclosed within the shell of your Road Chief® ; it has an outstanding lifespan and comes with an outdoor and indoor monitor, so you’ll always know how much fuel you have. A variety of outside hatches on the exterior of your Road Chief® serve for the removal of the cassette toilet and as an emergency exit, in addition to providing additional storage.

There are five potential ways to power your Road Chief® : driving, plugging into a 30 amp campsite outlet, plugging in the Road Chief® solar panel, adding a 2000W (or larger) generator, or plugging into any 120-volt,15 amp outlet (all outlets, AC and microwave will operate).

The toilet hatch gives you access to the cassette for easy removal; the Road Chief® signature ventilation system helps ensure a “no odor” toilet.

An outdoor shower is available for washing off both you and your four-footed friends after a day at the beach.

Another Road Chief® first – you can name your adventure companion. Let us know what name you wish so we can reserve it for your Road Chief® .

Large en-suite bathroom with incredible finishes and features
Easily connects & powers all of your devices
Sleep in blissful comfort and privacy

Pure Bliss

Inside, the Bowlus Road Chief® is as practical as it is beautiful, perfect for an ambitious cross-country jaunt, a quiet afternoon spent hunkered down for a nap, or an epic weekend hitting the wine trails and eating well. Never underestimate how good design that is beautiful, easy to use, and user friendly can improve your life.

Do you want to know why van conversion owners upgraded to a Bowlus Road Chief? Let us know and we will send you a guide.

It Starts With a Clever Floor Plan

The Road Chief’s® floor plan helps you live your best adventures. Its clever use of space allows for easy flow from day to night and from work to play. The feel-good 6’4” interior boasts our signature heated floors and real wood interior. Our wood is screwed in (not glued in) with stainless steel screws for increased value and durability. The brass screen windows offer fabulous views and provide outstanding cross-ventilation. The curve of the Road Chief’s® ceiling and four or more (depending on Road Chief® Model) ceiling vents provide superior air flow.

Everything from the propane tank to the air conditioning unit is tucked safely inside the strong shell. We also eliminated the need for bulky external sports racks that can interfere with drag or cause security issues. Our secret? All your gear – even the big stuff like bikes or a kayak – can easily pass through the front door and be stored securely inside using built-in cargo lash points.

Inside, we’ve installed the best appliances and added specially selected components so your Road Chief® is more reliable and lasts longer. We’ve added integrated technology like heated floors and 10,000 BTU air-conditioning with field-testing in the depths of a Canadian winter and the 110+ degree heat of the Nevada desert for comfort and convenience. We’ve also included more tech so you can connect more powerfully and with better reliability, and we’ve provided both battery and other power options so you’ll never risk running out of juice when you need it most.

A planned kitchen makes for a quick grab of a beverage or a place to create your favorite meal. The main cabin enjoys additional storage space along with a charging station for your laptops and tables. The bathroom delivers an en-suite feel with serious space for showering and room for all your toiletries. Additional storage closets and room for your valuables are also ingeniously tucked away. Finally, a true king (or two very comfy twins) allows you to drift off each night in the magical Zen-like bedroom.

Are you deciding between a Bowlus Road Chief®d and a Sprinter Van Conversion? Let us know and we will provide some details for your consideration.

A Cook’s Galley

The forward galley is a real cook’s kitchen, boasting a microwave and an Italian cooktop with a folding glass cover that extends counter space. The 12V high efficiency 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer hold enough ingredients for a long weekend of gourmet cooking; our refrigerator/freezer ensures your delicacies keep cool while you travel. All countertops are gorgeous stainless steel, and you’ll enjoy our signature tie down system for holding your tea towels or your sunglasses as you prep a meal. A drawer and shelves above the counter and loads of cupboard space below the counter, provide storage for all your kitchen-related needs. Additionally, the high-end faucet extends out the door to spray off sandy feet.

The Main Cabin

The main cabin boasts seating for five with a full-sized comfortable sofa and two armchairs (with removable table), surrounded by curved wood with aluminum accents. Plenty of natural light streams in through the windows, and in some Editions, stargazing opportunities are available. High efficiency LED directional lights and easily accessible power outlets are spread throughout the Road Chief®, making work or reading comfortable wherever you are. The five good-sized drawers in the main cabin mean not only lots of easy-to-access storage, but also a low center of gravity, providing greater safety.

Inside, we’ve installed the very best features and added specially selected components so your Road Chief® is more reliable and lasts longer. We’ve added integrated technology, like heated floors for comfort and convenience; we’ve pioneered special charging options for phones, tablets, and laptops. We’ve also added better tech so you can connect more powerfully and with better reliability, and we’ve provided both battery and other power options so you’ll never risk running out of juice when you need it most. So go ahead – pull out your tablet, pop some corn, and binge your favorites.

Are you deciding between a Bowlus Road Chief® and a Sprinter Van Conversion? Let us know and we will provide some details for your consideration.

A True En-Suite Bathroom

Our signature unique door system in the mid-cabin area allows for a full size bathroom. This marvel has a stunning shower that either expands to 3′ x 5′ or 5’ x 6.5’ (depending on the Edition); the Bowlus Road Chief’s® efficient water heater provides an instant, hot shower. The Italian showerhead has numerous positions for an incredibly comfortable shower; it also extends outside for those who love an outdoor shower or a quick rinse after the beach.

Personal touches throughout the Road Chief®, like the “yours,” “mine,” and “ours” storage options, along with a stylish vanity, make you feel right at home. The sink is finished with a beautiful wood cover to extend counter space. The toilet has an innovative design that uses less water and allows for a quick and hygienic removal of black water waste in a sealed container. Most importantly, this system has the Road Chief® signature “no odor” toilet.

A Magical Cocoon

The Road Chief’s® stateroom features coordinated real linens, cozy pillows, and an insanely comfortable thick mattress that comes in twins and can easily convert to a king-sized bed. A handy night table completes the stateroom, ensuring you have everything you need for a great night’s rest.

Also, in the stateroom, the twin 6’7” long V-beds convert in a snap to a true king bed that’s roomy enough for every couple or family. You’ll also find a heater at your feet to warm chilly toes. A beautiful fan and radiator circulate air to keep the cabin comfortably cool or sufficiently warm, depending on the season and your needs. Each side of the bedroom has a window that opens for evening breezes, and two “eye” covers will ensure sweet dreams in a cocoon of privacy. Additional privacy through the unique door system allows for both work and play. The Bowlus Road Chief® encourages early risers and night owls to co-habit easily with love. The night table and directional LED reading lights mean you can comfortably settle in with a great read or enjoy luxurious in-bed streaming.

Four-Foot Friends Are Welcome

We’re often asked how our four-footed friends enjoy their Road Chief®, and judging from the wagging tails and soft meows, they love adventures as much as their owners. Our comfortable sitting areas and stateroom are all pet friendly, and we find that time spent in the natural world is just as fun and exciting for them as it is for us. Finding a sunbeam to curl up in for a rest in the main cabin or in the stateroom is always an option appreciated by a resourceful pooch or kitty.

Are you deciding between a Bowlus Road Chief® and a Sprinter Van Conversion? Let us know and we will provide some details for your consideration.

Year we started challenging the status quo
We want every aspect of your journey to matter
We wisely select all of our materials

Why We Do What We Do

The Bowlus Road Chief® is recognized as one of the most beautifully designed and user-friendly RVs in the world. How have we achieved such venerable status in a billion dollar industry in just a few years?

Design, design, design – and heart.

Thoughtful Design and Execution

We love – really love – to explore. However, traveling in a traditional RV or van never made the experience more compelling. Sure, other vehicles got us there. Sure, they provided some basics. However, we knew traveling and camping could be a much more rewarding experience. We wanted every aspect of the journey, not just the destination, to matter.

So, in 2012, we started challenging the status quo. With a background in user experience and tech, we knew that tech is just tech unless it produces incredible utility. Our mission is to provide you with better experiences. We believe meaningful innovation can improve your life, so with that premise, we launched the new Bowlus Road Chief®. We were the first in our industry to innovate with technological advancements to make your work and play adventures easier and more enjoyable. We believe even the smallest of innovations, like heated floors, are important because happy feet can positively influence your mood.

Superb design always focuses on essential concepts with grace. An RV or van is purchased first for its utility, but it must also satisfy the functional, psychological, and aesthetic needs of the user. We thought long and hard about these issues to ensure the Bowlus Road Chief® is intentionally designed for supreme usefulness and a delightful sensory experience.

We believe in treating the environment and those who interact with a Road Chief® with respect. Thus, we select and use materials wisely in manufacturing. We recycle wherever possible, avoid toxic adhesives and glues, and seek out environmentally respectful materials. We love nature, and our aim is to make a low impact on the environment in our manufacturing process and with the lifespan of the products we produce.

Never underestimate how thoughtful design can change your life.

It’s why we do what we do.

Endless Highways® Edition
The Endless Highways Bowlus Road Chief® is $219,000 or can be financed as low $1,107/month*.
On The Road® 26′ Edition
The On The Road® Edition Bowlus Road Chief® is $185,000 or can be financed as low $942/month*.
On The Road® 24′ Edition
The On The Road® Edition Bowlus Road Chief® is $137,000 or can be financed as low $693/month*.
Heritage Edition
The Heritage Edition – Bowlus Road Chief® is $120,000 or can be financed as low $632/month*.
*20% cash down / 240 months / 4.5% APR / Credit Approval Required / Financing set up by Third Party / All advertised prices exclude applicable governmental fees and taxes, finance charges and any dealer preparation charges.

Endless Highways® Edition - On The Road® 26' Edition - On The Road® 24' Edition - Heritage® Edition
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