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We believe we offer a better experience for sales and service by going directly to our customers. Just book an appointment to face time or visit our showrooms in Henderson, NV and Oxnard, CA.

Yes, we love to “open the sample books” and collaborate to create a custom palette just for you. This price for this service starts at $10,000.

Many of our owners order a Road Chief® to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or retirement date. You have two options: order early and store the Road Chief so you can bring it out as a surprise, or place a “special order.” This means we specially tag your Road Chief® and give the production and shipping special consideration for it to arrive when you wish. The charge for this is $4000. Due to weather, etc., we ask for a delivery window of a few days, and we do our very best to ensure you are delighted.

The Bowlus Road Chief® owner manual, along with all sub-component manuals, are in your individual owner dropbox once your second deposit is made. This allows you ample time to review all documentation prior to taking delivery. Our manual is extensive and easy to read.

All sales support materials are available only in digital format.

Currently, we only sell in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

In over five years of production, we have yet to have a Road Chief® pass from the original owner’s hands; our sales team will be happy to assist with your purchase of a new Road Chief® or place you “on the list” for a previously owned Road Chief® and we will be in touch when one is available.

Bowlus Road Chief® offers four distinct Road Chief® editions: the Endless Highways Edition (24′) – $219,000, the On The Road Edition (26′) – $185,000, the On The Road Edition (24′) – $137.000 and the Heritage Edition (24′) $120,000. Each Road Chief® edition is produced with specific users and their needs in mind. Please ask our sales staff to assist you with the Road Chief® that best suits your needs.

Our Tesla X owners have reported that their overall, general range capacity is approximately 175 – 200 miles.

Photos that appear on the website are not always the most up to date representative of the current Road Chief® edition selections. Call or email our sales team, as they are always delighted to respond to all inquiries.

You may want to consider one of the many “kits” and other items in the Bowlus® general store. You’ll have access to the Bowlus® general store when you make your second deposit. We suggest ordering items prior to your final payment so they can be delivered with your Road Chief®.

For your On The Road (24′ and 26′) edition, you may want to consider these items:
The king bed package, $3,000 (this includes support, insert, king fitted sheet, king duvet and king duvet cover) and a solar panel, $875. The Endless Highways Edition comes complete.

Your reservation payment places you in the next priority queue for your Bowlus Road Chief®. Lead times generally run anywhere from 1 to 6 months from deposit to delivery. Always consider placing order as soon as possible to ensure you are not disappointed. Very occasionally, we have a Road Chief® available for immediate delivery.

Every new Bowlus Road Chief® comes with a limited warranty. For more information, please ask your Sales Support Expert or Delivery Experience Specialist for a copy of the Bowlus Road Chief® limited warranty.

You can experience a Bowlus Road Chief by appointment on FaceTime or at our showroom in Las Vegas, NV or Oxnard, CA. You can call, email or use the convenient online scheduler to book your appointment.

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