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How do I meet other owners?

We protect our owners’ identities. Although some are accessible via social media, we do not release names, addresses, phone numbers, or emails without their written consent. However, if you would like to meet another owner in your area, just ask, and we will see if they are interested in connecting. We will share only email

Please explain how to care for the battery in the On The Road?

Your vehicle may or may not give a charge back to your Road Chief® depending on a number of factors, so manage your power by plugging in your Road Chief® to a power source like a 120v, generator, or solar panel to keep your batteries in excellent condition.

Can I winter camp?

Yes, we recommend that you be very familiar with your Bowlus Road Chief® first. If you choose to winter camp, you must ensure the internal temperature of the Road Chief® is always well above freezing. Considering the risks you are taking, you’ll need to manage your systems with care.

When should I winterize?

Please review this in the owner manual. The easy answer is to always winterize your Road Chief® if there is a threat of temperatures dropping below zero. This is possible in the desert or mountains not just in the winter season.

What else should I bring?

Some people love to be minimalists, while others love to bring everything. We believe some things are necessary that others believe are not. Start with our checklists. Review them and then build your own personalized list. Please remember we do not supply locks, chocks, or water hoses with your Road Chief® unless they were ordered

Sure, but what should I remember?

Part of the experience is figuring what’s best for you. Some people love a detailed plan and others love to “blow in the wind.” Checklists can save you time and energy so you can ensure your trips are eventful in the way you imagine them. We suggest you personalize your checklists and place them in

Do you have any general advice about taking my trip?

Slow down and be open to the adventure. Some owners have told us they spent the first night at home, enjoying cocktails in their Road Chief®. Others are more comfortable heading out for a sweet, easy weekend. Some know that driving for 8 or 12 hours straight, then setting up, makes them cranky and frustrated.

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