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Can I read the owner manual?

The Bowlus Road Chief® owner manual, along with all sub-component manuals, are in your individual owner dropbox once your second deposit is made. This allows you ample time to review all documentation prior to taking delivery. Our manual is extensive and easy to read.

What else can I purchase to go with my Bowlus Road Chief®?

You may want to consider one of the many “kits” and other items in the Bowlus® general store. You’ll have access to the Bowlus® general store when you make your second deposit. We suggest ordering items prior to your final payment so they can be delivered with your Road Chief®. For your On The Road

Do you have any pre-owned Road Chief®s?

In over five years of production, we have yet to have a Road Chief® pass from the original owner’s hands; our sales team will be happy to assist with your purchase of a new Road Chief® or place you “on the list” for a previously owned Road Chief® and we will be in touch when

What are the interior color choices for 2019?

Photos that appear on the website are not always the most up to date representative of the current Road Chief® edition selections. Call or email our sales team, as they are always delighted to respond to all inquiries.

How do I find out more about the Bowlus Road Chief® models?

Bowlus Road Chief® offers four distinct Road Chief® editions: the Endless Highways Edition (24′) – $219,000, the On The Road Edition (26′) – $185,000, the On The Road Edition (24′) – $137.000 and the Heritage Edition (24′) $120,000. Each Road Chief® edition is produced with specific users and their needs in mind. Please ask our

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