I don’t have time for a tour – how is the Road Chief® floor constructed?

As you probably know, the Bowlus Road Chief® has an aluminum monocoque frame. Most if not all other travel trailers use a traditional steel frame covered with a sheet of plywood. This is often an achilles heel for the manufacturer since the plywood extends to the outside edge and bottom of the trailer, thereby retaining moisture and later creating the ability for mold to take hold. A Bowlus Road Chief® has a “floating” floor as the base, which has been routered to take the in-floor heating system. Since the floor does not touch or serves as the bottom on the travel trailer, no moisture can be retained.

Once the Road Chief® signature in-floor heating system is installed, an aluminum sheet covers the flooring so as to evenly distribute the heat. Finally, the flooring is covered in a high-end product used in professional basketball courts. Flooring is never “glued” into a Road Chief®. Rather, it is screwed in. This is so you can always replace a section and so you can reduce “off-gassing” as well.


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